Consumer Behavior
Human Pursuit of Happiness in the World of Goods


(name revealed with permission)

I must say that your CB book is the most innovative textbook that I have ever seen.  ...    

            --Professor Irene Lu, Carleton Univ. October 2010


This is the best CB book I have ever read!-

    ---CB Professor, University of Portland  (on 1st edition, March 2009)

I will be adopting the text, it looks like it's very current and will be fun for the students to read. I will be adopting it for one undergrad section and one MBA section in the fall.    ---CB professor at Rutgers (March, 2010)

 Couldn't put the book down....   (D. Sudarshan, Dean, U. of Kentucky)

Without a doubt this is the best book on Consumer Behaviour out in the market. It is up to date with the latest issues facing marketers, creatively structured making it easy to use by students, and most importantly fun to read.

    Prof. Haseeb A. Shabbir, Leeds University, UK (2e, July, 2010)


I like the book... Makes you want to keep on reading...   (CB Professor at Augusta State, Custom book/20 Chapters)


I am liking what I am reading .... (Adopting professor for MBA class, U. Minn., Custom pack/five chapters)

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